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Safety tips for Woman

1. What should a woman do if she finds herself alone in the company of a strange male as she prepares to enter a lift in a High Rise apartment late at night?

Experts Say: Enter the lift. If you need to reach the 13th floor, press all the buttons up to your destination. No one will dare attack you in a lift that stops on every floor.

2. What to do if a stranger tries to attack you when you are alone in your house, run into the kitchen.

Experts Say: You alone know where the chili powder and turmeric are kept. And where the knives and plates are. All these can be turned into deadly weapons. If nothing else, start throwing plates and utensils all over. Let them break. Scream. Remember that noise is the greatest enemy of a molester. He does not want to be caught.

3. Taking an Auto or Taxi at Night.

Experts Say: Before getting into an auto at night, note down its registration number. Then use the mobile to call your family or friend and pass on the details to them in the language the driver understands. Even if no one answers your call, pretend you are in a conversation. The driver now knows someone has his details and he will be in serious trouble if anything goes wrong. He is now bound to take you home safe and sound. A potential attacker is now your de facto protector.

4. What if the driver turns into a street he is not supposed too and you feel you are entering a danger zone?
Experts Say: Use the handle of your purse or your stole (dupatta) to wrap around his neck and pull him back. Within seconds, he will feel choked and helpless. In case you don’t have a purse or stole just pull him back by his collar. The top button of his shirt would then do the same trick.

5. If you are stalked at night.

Expert Say: enter a shop or a house and explain your predicament. If it is night and shops are not open, go inside an ATM box. ATM centers always have close circuit television. Fearing identification, no one will dare attack you.

After all, being mentally alert is the greatest weapon you can ever have.

Aathisudi Tamil

There are 247 alphabets in Tamil language. This includes 13 (அ ஆ இ ஈ உ ஊ எ ஏ ஐ ஒ ஓ ஔ ஃ) vowels and 18 (க் ங் ச் ஞ் ட் ண் த் ந் ப் ம் ய் ர் ல் வ் ழ் ள் ற் ன்) consonants. The remaining alphabets are consonantal vowels which are the combinations of these vowels and consonants.
Aathisudi is by tamil poet Avaiyar for Small Kids.

1. அறம் செய விரும்பு /
1. Learn to love virtue.

2. ஆறுவது சினம் /
2. Control anger.

3. இயல்வது கரவேல் /
3. Don’t forget Charity.

4. ஈவது விலக்கேல் /
4. Don’t prevent philanthropy.

5. உடையது விளம்பேல் /
5. Don’t betray confidence.

6. ஊக்கமது கைவிடேல் /
6. Don’t forsake motivation.

7. எண் எழுத்து இகழேல் /
7. Don’t despise learning.

8. ஏற்பது இகழ்ச்சி /
8. Don’t freeload.

9. ஐயம் இட்டு உண் /
9. Feed the hungry and then feast.

10. ஒப்புரவு ஒழுகு /
10. Emulate the great.

11. ஓதுவது ஒழியேல் /
11. Discern the good and learn.

12. ஒளவியம் பேசேல் /
12. Speak no envy.

13. அகம் சுருக்கேல் /
13. Don’t shortchange.

14. கண்டொன்று சொல்லேல்/
14. Don’t flip-flop.

15. ஙப் போல் வளை /
15. Bend to befriend.

16. சனி நீராடு /
16. Shower regularly.

17. ஞயம்பட உரை /
17. Sweeten your speech.

18. இடம்பட வீடு எடேல் /
18. Judiciously space your home.

19. இணக்கம் அறிந்து இணங்கு /
19. Befriend the best.

20. தந்தை தாய்ப் பேண் /
20. Protect your parents.

21. நன்றி மறவேல் /
21. Don’t forget gratitude.

22. பருவத்தே பயிர் செய் /
22. Husbandry has its season.

23. மண் பறித்து உண்ணேல் /
23. Don’t land-grab.

24. இயல்பு அலாதன செய்யேல் /
24. Desist demeaning deeds.

25. அரவம் ஆட்டேல் /
25. Don’t play with snakes.

26. இலவம் பஞ்சில் துயில் /
26. Cotton bed better for comfort.

27. வஞ்சகம் பேசேல் /
27. Don’t sugar-coat words.

28. அழகு அலாதன செய்யேல் /
28. Detest the disorderly.

29. இளமையில் கல் /
29. Learn when young.

30. அரனை மறவேல் /
30. Cherish charity.

31. அனந்தல் ஆடேல் /
31. Over sleeping is obnoxious.

32. கடிவது மற /
32. Constant anger is corrosive.

33. காப்பது விரதம் /
33. Saving lives superior to fasting.

34. கிழமைப்பட வாழ் /
34. Make wealth beneficial.

35. கீழ்மை அகற்று /
35. Distance from the wicked.

36. குணமது கைவிடேல் /
36. Keep all that are useful.

37. கூடிப் பிரியேல் /
37. Don’t forsake friends.

38. கெடுப்பது ஒழி /
38. Abandon animosity.

39. கேள்வி முயல் /
39. Learn from the learned.

40. கைவினை கரவேல் /
40. Don’t hide knowledge.

41. கொள்ளை விரும்பேல் /
41. Don’t swindle.

42. கோதாட்டு ஒழி /
42. Ban all illegal games.

43. கெளவை அகற்று /
43. Don’t vilify.

44. சக்கர நெறி நில் /
44. Honor your Lands Constitution.

45. சான்றோர் இனத்து இரு /
45. Associate with the noble.

46. சித்திரம் பேசேல் /
46. Stop being paradoxical.

47. சீர்மை மறவேல் /
47. Remember to be righteous.

48. சுளிக்கச் சொல்லேல் /
48. Don’t hurt others feelings.

49. சூது விரும்பேல் /
49. Don’t gamble.

50. செய்வன திருந்தச் செய் /
50. Action with perfection.

51. சேரிடம் அறிந்து சேர் /
51. Seek out good friends.

52. சையெனத் திரியேல் /
52. Avoid being insulted.

53. சொற் சோர்வு படேல் /
53. Don’t show fatigue in conversation.

54. சோம்பித் திரியேல் /
54. Don’t be a lazybones.

55. தக்கோன் எனத் திரி /
55. Be trustworthy.

56. தானமது விரும்பு /
56. Be kind to the unfortunate.

57. திருமாலுக்கு அடிமை செய் /
57. Serve the protector.

58. தீவினை அகற்று /
58. Don’t sin.

59. துன்பத்திற்கு இடம் கொடேல் /
59. Don’t attract suffering.

60. தூக்கி வினை செய் /
60. Deliberate every action.

61. தெய்வம் இகழேல் /
61. Don’t defame the divine.

62. தேசத்தோடு ஒட்டி வாழ் /
62. Live in unison with your countrymen.

63. தையல் சொல் கேளேல் /
63. Don’t listen to the designing.

64. தொன்மை மறவேல் /
64. Don’t forget your past glory.

65. தோற்பன தொடரேல் /
65. Don’t compete if sure of defeat.

66. நன்மை கடைப்பிடி /
66. Adhere to the beneficial.

67. நாடு ஒப்பன செய் /
67. Do nationally agreeables.

68. நிலையில் பிரியேல் /
68. Don’t depart from good standing.

69. நீர் விளையாடேல் /
69. Don’t jump into a watery grave.

70. நுண்மை நுகரேல் /
70. Don’t over snack.

71. நூல் பல கல் /
71. Read variety of materials.

72. நெற்பயிர் விளைவு செய் /
72. Grow your own staple.

73. நேர்பட ஒழுகு /
73. Exhibit good manners always.

74. நைவினை நணுகேல் /
74. Don’t involve in destruction.

75. நொய்ய உரையேல் /
75. Don’t dabble in sleaze.

76. நோய்க்கு இடம் கொடேல் /
76. Avoid unhealthy lifestyle.

77. பழிப்பன பகரேல் /
77. Speak no vulgarity.

78. பாம்பொடு பழகேல் /
78. Keep away from the vicious.

79. பிழைபடச் சொல்லேல் /
79. Watch out for self incrimination.

80. பீடு பெற நில் /
80. Follow path of honor.

81. புகழ்ந்தாரைப் போற்றி வாழ் /
81. Protectyour benefactor.

82. பூமி திருத்தி உண் /
82. Cultivate the land and feed.

83. பெரியாரைத் துணைக் கொள் /
83. Seek help from the old and wise.

84. பேதைமை அகற்று /
84. Eradicate ignorance.

85. பையலோடு இணங்கேல் /
85. Don’t comply with idiots.

86. பொருள்தனைப் போற்றி வாழ் /
86. Protect and enhance your wealth.

87. போர்த் தொழில் புரியேல் /
87. Don’t encourage war.

88. மனம் தடுமாறேல் /
88. Don’t vacillate.

89. மாற்றானுக்கு இடம் கொடேல் /
89. Don’t accommodate your enemy.

90. மிகைபடச் சொல்லேல் /
90. Don’t over dramatize.

91. மீதூண் விரும்பேல் /
91. Don’t be a glutton.

92. முனைமுகத்து நில்லேல் /
92. Don’t join an unjust fight.

93. மூர்க்கரோடு இணங்கேல் /
93. Don’t agree with the stubborn.

94. மெல்லி நல்லாள் தோள்சேர் /
94. Stick with your exemplary wife.

95. மேன்மக்கள் சொல் கேள் /
95. Listen to men of quality.

96. மை விழியார் மனை அகல் /
96. Dissociate from the jealous.

97. மொழிவது அற மொழி /
97. Speak with clarity.

98. மோகத்தை முனி /
98. Hate any desire for lust.

99. வல்லமை பேசேல் /
99. Don’t self praise.

100. வாது முற்கூறேல் /
100. Don’t gossip or spread rumor.

101. வித்தை விரும்பு /
101. Long to learn.

102. வீடு பெற நில் /
102. Work for a peaceful life.

103. உத்தமனாய் இரு /
103. Lead exemplary life.

104. ஊருடன் கூடி வாழ் /
104. Live amicably.

105. வெட்டெனப் பேசேல் /
105. Don’t be harsh with words and deeds.

106. வேண்டி வினை செயேல்/
106. Don’t premeditate harm.

107. வைகறைத் துயில் எழு /
107. Be an early-riser.

108. ஒன்னாரைத் தேறேல் /
108. Never join your enemy.

109. ஓரம் சொல்லேல் /
109. Be impartial in judgement.

– ஔவையார் / Avvaiyaa

Safety Tips for Women in India

Below are some of the safety tips for the women, who are working late in office or traveling alone or staying alone in a big city.
1. Always carry a pepper spray / stun gun. These can be brought for less than Rs 500, online.
2. Always have your phone charged and keep some of the important contacts on speed dial.
3. Even when you are traveling with a companion don’t get on an empty bus or car. Travel in groups as much as possible.
4. Grow your nails, use sharp hair pins and don’t be afraid to hit someone who gropes you. Don’t be shy to make a fuss in a public place when someone harasses you.
5. Ask your company to ensure the safety when working late.
6. If there is a couch or section for woman in the public transport, then use it.
7. Don’t wear excessive jewelry.
8. Learn some basic self-defense techniques.
9. Dress modestly in public.
Most of all don’t be afraid to speak up when there is sexual harassment to you or the person next to you.

Nihal Mehta – Win or Learn

Nihal Mehta launched real-time city guide buzzd in 2007, raising about $4 million in venture funding and drawing about two million users. But in an era before the smartphone craze, he struggled to find a great mobile revenue model. By mid-2010, he was forced to slash his staff by more than half and personally float payroll. While buzzd was on its deathbed, Mehta took the time to fortify the relationships he had built over the years. He persuaded investors to convert their preferred stock to common stock and reconstituted the board – all while selling them on a new product that would help connect brands almost instantly with targeted consumers.

There is no winding down for entrepreneurs. There’s only winding up. Rather than just accept defeat and pack it up, Mehta raced to figure out how to preserve capital, modify his vision and refocus his efforts. While the media may describe your struggling company as “failing,” the only way you can truly fail is by bringing your venture to a complete stop. You should try to never hit zero mph – just slow down the pace enough to catch your breath and gather all the hard work, talent, relationships and personal equity that you have worked so hard to build. Then take all that you can gather from the startup experience of disrupting a targeted industry and figure out how those assets can best be used to build something new. Mehta did just that.

LocalResponse rose from buzzd’s ashes, raising an estimated $7 million in 2011. And now major companies — ranging from Coca-Cola to McDonald’s to GMC — use LocalResponse in harmony with social media to find and reach potential customers. For example, if someone tweets about being hungry, an ad for Pizza Hut appears. Or if someone posts a status update about hating tax season, a TurboTax ad shows up on their screen. Can’t figure out how to pivot from a less-than-successful trajectory into a more promising business model? The real asset you could be sitting on is a talented and harmonious technology team — a team that could work miracles as part of another organization. Consider being acquired, because it’s rare to find the trifecta of great talent, people and teamwork in one place. Just look at Yahoo. Last week it bought MileWise and GoPollGo, just to have them shut down and roll their staff into the Yahoo mobile team. Yahoo did the same thing last year when it acquired Stamped, and it spent millions of dollars to retain all but one of the staff at San Francisco’s Web clipping startup, Others, such as Facebook, are also in the market for buying the talent and tech percolating from the startup world, so don’t write off acquisitions when trying to salvage your efforts.

The personal investment you make in your company should pay entrepreneurial dividends, regardless of whether you make millions or don’t make much money at all. Do not allow your startup relationships to voluntarily dissolve with your corporation. There is a reason people believed in you as an entrepreneur, and your job is to harness that entrepreneurial spark even if your current venture is not a champion. Every successful entrepreneur and investor knows that it’s never win or lose — it’s always win or learn

6-Year-Old’s Alleged Rape in School Sparks Massive Protests in Bangalore News Opinion

Gun please, to shoot the school authorities. How could the school not be responsible ?. Are you doing background checks on the teachers ?. How can you let an 6 – year old wander around the school ?. The government should do more than to monitor those schools. All the other parents must boycott the school. The school authorities should be put in Jail.

NDTV News Item