Photo Gallery

Wanted to add an custom photo gallery for a long time. Today wrote an simple Lisp script to display the photos in the website. Used the tool ImageMagic to create the thumbnails. It was pretty fast and easy to do.
The command is “mogrify -path thumbnails -thumbnail 240×240 *”, where thumbnails is the folder to which you want the thumbnails to be created.

Careless Actions

Careless actions cost you money and time.
How much did I lose ?. Below is the list. A minute of care can save a ton of time..
1. Lost a mobile phone Cost Rs 2000
2. Broke my Netbook screen Cost $ 200
3. Spilled water over my laptop Cost $ 150
4. Broke a external hard drive Cost $ 90
5. Accidentally re installed my laptop Cost 3 days of installing everything again.
6. Lost a watch Cost Rs 1500
This was my first watch given by my father. Still regret losing it.

Vonage Extensions

Vonage has added a new feature of using the home phone line to call india from a mobile phone.
This is the death of all the India calling cards.

When you configure your extensions for a new phone
1. Register the mobile which you are going to use call india.
2. Create or update a pin number
3. Get the access number to call
4. Call the access number + enter pin + 011 <>

Vonage Extensions