India’s Low Male to Female Ratio

I have captured as much of information as possible on this issue. Your comments are welcome.

Inhumanity in Indian hospital Child dies as the father didn’t pay Rs200 for the incubator in the hospital.

Indian doctors illegally removed wombs from poor woman

New born baby girl found abandoned in garbage

Baby girl lies unwanted as two families battle over a new-born boy
This case smacks of a feudal mindset that discriminates against the girl child. Also it’s the negligence of the hospital staff that has created this confusion and caused so much suffering to this little girl.

India’s unwanted girls

Economist Article on India’s Skewed Male Female Ratio

Why is there is an preference of a boy in india?. The answer is both cultural and economical.

India doesn’t have a government sponsored social security net. It’s the boy who usually supports the parents. Boys are considered assets and they are given the means to be supportive in the future.

Indian woman mostly live with the husband’s family after the marriage and most of the times it requires an hefy dowry to get them married to a good family.  Girl is considered a liability in this case also.

The worrying trend is that the preference of boys isn’t just for those poor, but also for the Rich.

The solution is of two parts.

1.  Abolish the dowry system.

2.  Provide some sort of social security net to every one.