Safety Tips for Women in India

Below are some of the safety tips for the women, who are working late in office or traveling alone or staying alone in a big city.
1. Always carry a pepper spray / stun gun. These can be brought for less than Rs 500, online.
2. Always have your phone charged and keep some of the important contacts on speed dial.
3. Even when you are traveling with a companion don’t get on an empty bus or car. Travel in groups as much as possible.
4. Grow your nails, use sharp hair pins and don’t be afraid to hit someone who gropes you. Don’t be shy to make a fuss in a public place when someone harasses you.
5. Ask your company to ensure the safety when working late.
6. If there is a couch or section for woman in the public transport, then use it.
7. Don’t wear excessive jewelry.
8. Learn some basic self-defense techniques.
9. Dress modestly in public.
Most of all don’t be afraid to speak up when there is sexual harassment to you or the person next to you.