Durbin Interchange Amendment Summary

The DURBIN amendment would bring regulation to the $20 billion per year debit interchange fee system.
The card issuing bank in a debit card transaction receives  interchange fees.
However, Visa and MasterCard set the debit interchange fee rates that apply to all banks within their networks.
Every bank gets the same interchange fee rate, regardless of how efficiently a bank conducts debit transactions.

git quick introduction

Git is distributed version control system, based on the concept of file system.

git init – Init of the new repository at the current directory.

git add <files> – Adds the files to the index/staging area.

git checkout — <file> – Removes the file from the index/staging area

git commit – Commits the change to repository.

git diff – diff report of the files between current working file and staging file / committed file.

git log – report of all the changes to the repository.

git reset HEAD <file> – Remove the file from index.

git remote -v – Working with the remote repository. Lists all the remote repositories.

git remote add origin – Adds the remote repository as origin.

git push -u origin – Push the changes to the remote repository.

git branch <branch-name> Create an branch

git checkout <branch-name> Switch to the branch

git merge <branch-name> merge the branch with the master